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    The city sleeps... It's streets like arteri-
    ok no we are NOT doing this
    im overwritng all of cabs nonsense comentary with my own (that is not nonsenes(
    i thought this swould be a cool one to trybut cab didnt do ANyhting except awful business poetry
    it never reasdds my mesages anyway so dam it im gonna to try n salvage this

    so this one we call then GAR. no never had anohter name and jacket belongs to

    this one was ment to be like, u know youths with spirit powers but cab made it all like poetry instead of actually cool

    the triangle thingy that gar has is called SQUARE coz i thingk thats more funy


    ok got it fixedd it its ther right way now cab alwys makes it go wrong
    yeah the yellow ones still here but she went a bit funny (woudlve been FINE if cab had actually

    cab called the bird one like "SWEET" and i dont think thats very good but i cant htink of another name so i leave it

    aaAAAA it turned back upside down i give up whateevr its all messed up anyway

    idk waht it does cab said it "Moves Like A Dream" but that doesnt mean anythign
    how do the youth of today have super psychic power fighgts with just moving//?
    i think it work s for something thogh gar looks pretty worried about it

    OK OK i did this one look its really good ok
    so square can flip things aorudn like the whole world easy but nobody notices because only they dont flip
    see gar write the letters on their hands so they can remember its stylish

    ...wait but would the letters flip if its the world /. ? ?? uh this is complicated dont worry abuot it

    wait whose this one belogn to
    i wasnt paying that much attention coz i got angry

    oooooh they are having heightened angst
    looks like everyones getting set up for proper psychic youth conflicts

    (if cab doesnt messed it up)

    that relly doenst make any sense how she can do that
    go so fast its the same time
    kind of epic thoufh maybe cab did better on that bird than i was thignkign

    ok no who hte HECK is this
    i dont rememebr this one and i know itbbecuase of that outfit
    like who even wears that
    uhmm m so cab says theyre called seal or soemthing
    ceel? seel? ceil?
    anyway thats probably whom has the funny cat.... hmmmmm

    ok hang on im gonna put back some of cabs stuff here look it doesnt nkow
    Is this correct? I thought we were supposed to have someone else here?
    Looking at this citizen unnerves me... Me?
    And who would even wear something like that?
    This outfit is making me question my position.

    yeah the flip aroudn beat down of the cat oh yeahhhh

    actually this doenst seem to do anyhting what did i make a uselsess power
    oww it s giveing me a headahce OW CAB WHY DIDN T YOU HELP ME DO THIS ONE PROPER

    WHAT there s TWO
    this is obviosuly cheating i disqualify ceiling over there from the psychic youth battle

    what does this even do HA i guess whoever did this one made a uselss power HA HA who would do that probably cab LOL wait cab said they didnt know uhhhmmmmm

    ok that
    they can carry stuff thats acautlly useful
    oh no are the y taking gar up to drop them thats not inspriiing or epic thats boring and theyll get broken STOP that

    hang on thats her again on the buiding, the yellow one
    ok actualyy i dont knwo wahts going on here

    uhm is she doing the bird thing
    at gar who is stuck between cat zone

    uhhmmmm uh oh wait
    did we test for direct collisions
    i did NOT test how the thingies interact with each other so cab better have done that
    otherwise thats just another whole layer wasted ohhhh

    maybe they will miss? no i think its already hapening

    oh! hang on ignore the potential impending problems
    that other ones here i like them
    also their power thing is really cool look it
    wait uhm

    ok no i guess we didnt balance the pyschic things properlty......

    CEEL !!! ! ! YOU BROKE IT ! YOu and your CAT THINGS !!
    i wanted this one tobe GOOD



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