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    It's another day of the week!
    BRUTUS is visiting one of our many supermarkets.
    These buildings can be considered a convenient hub of essential goods and services.

    The great selection might be overwhelming at first, but the carefully designed sections and aisle make it easy to find your desired product.

    BRUTUS has made a grand decision for her health and vitality!
    Chesters Food Circle satisfies with a taste as great as its nutritional value.

    The weather is okay.
    The sky is the right colour.

    Though it is quite the treat to live inside of a building.
    One can consume in total privacy.

    Recreational industries are booming, a sign of our triumphant times.
    Won't you partake in computer software video games?

    The combined efforts of our technological and artistic sectors shine through in truly immersive virtual worlds.
    Video games are bad for you.
    Video games are good for your mind and can teach you many things about the world.

    We've received a request to reset your password.
    To do so, simply follow this link.
    If this was not you, please contact us immediately.

    MALLORY lives here.
    They supplied this information voluntarily.
    MALORY has spelt their name inconsistently.
    There is nothing more to be said of Malllory.

    ok CAb you
    come on you forgot number TNE! TEN
    thats an imPORTANT wone you stinkin......
    cab wha tthe HECK

    Access the store to purchase coins!
    The wind speed is correct.
    The temperature is within reasonable bounds.

    We pride ourselves on providing a consistent retail experience throughout both the physical and digital realms.

    Our secure checkout system gives you peace of mind when making purchases online.
    Please do not disconnect during a transaction, as this may incur charges without delivering your goods.

    Videos always buffering?
    Lost your edge in game?
    Upgrading your internet package can ensure a smoother experience.

    Ample rest is key to a well-functioning immune system.
    Try sleeping in a darkened room within your allotted time range.


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